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Love: It's an Inside Job

The reminder that sometimes we need to care for ourselves first.

Miles to Go

Secrets of Happiness: Faith, Family, Forgiveness


Audio Books By Miles

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Q and A From Half Moon Bay

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Seashells From Miramar Beach


Forgiveness Is the Gift You Give Yourself


Love, It’s and Inside Job


It’s Your Wedding – Not Theirs


Love Heals: Handling Grief


Improve Your Communication


Lasting Love


  • Tell The Truth With Kindness: 10 keys to effective communication
  • Set Your House In Order: a practical preparation for death
  • It’s Your Wedding—Not Theirs: make yours personal and spiritual
  • To Whom It May Concern: 12 years of inspiration on KSFO Radio
  • Promises To Keep: documenting a sabbatical to 47 countries
  • Your Communications Plan: how to tell your story to others
  • Getting The Good News on the Evening News: interview tips
  • The Little Fish—A Parable: modern media in a media world

Love Stories

  • President John F. Kennedy
  • Mother Theresa of Calcutta
  • The Dalai Lama of Tibet
  • Michael Douglas of Hollywood
  • Ann Margret: stage, screen, radio
  • Pope John XXIII of the Vatican
  • A Smile and A Wooden Leg
  • Happiness: It’s About Attitude

Seminars and Retreats

  • Life’s Secrets of Happiness: Faith, Family, Forgiveness
  • The Ten Essentials of Effective Communication
  • Holiness is Wholeness: Health, Humor, Hope, Healing
  • Fully Spiritually Alive: Enthusiasm, Creativity, Peace, Humor, Grace
  • To Love Is To Serve: Self-Disclosure, Nurture, Forgiveness, Grace
  • Living Ethically: The Art of Tough Love
  • How To Make Marriage and Love Lasts
  • Handling Loss: The Painful Work of Grieving, Mourning, Letting Go

About Miles

Miles O’Brien Riley, PhD

Born in South Bend, Indiana 1937. Ordained in Rome 1963. Retired  from active ministry 2002.

Lives in a Miramar cottage in Half Moon Bay South of San Francisco, on the Pacific Ocean.

Doctoral Studies at the Gregorian University in Rome, The University of California in Berkeley, Marriage and Family Counseling U.S.F. and Radio, TV, Film, and Journalism at Loyola University, New Orleans.

Dr. Riley enjoyed 51 years as a preacher, teacher, spiritual advisor and 30 years as a media professional: wrote and published 13 books, wrote and directed five musical comedies, produced and hosted 2000 TV and 5000 Radio programs; and won 3 Emmys and 10 National Gabriel Awards for outstanding broadcasting.

As a global speaker and trainer, Miles has led seminars and workshops in 46 states in the U.S. and 50 countries worldwide.

Life Always Offers You a Second Chance. It’s Called Tomorrow.